How to Buy the Right Golf Shoes

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Don’t you hate it when your feet start to hurt in the middle of your golf game? And because of this you can no longer concentrate on your golf swing. You start hitting the ball poorly when you had been hitting so wall just moments before that. There is a way to avoid this annoying problem and that is by buying a pair of good golf shoes.

Golfers who play lots of golf usually walk for miles with their shoes. That is why your shoes should be very comfortable. You should try wearing different shoes from various reputable brands until you find one that first you perfectly. Be sure to wear the same kind of socks you use while playing golf, so your choice will be more accurate.

But why buy golf shoes when you can wear sneakers? Golf shoes are a must for every golfer because they are designed specifically with the sport in mind. These shoes provide better grip and balance for golfers in all weather conditions, through the use of spikes. Nowadays, soft spikes are the norm for golfers worldwide.

Most golf courses don’t allow golfers to wear metal spikes on their shoes because the damage the fairways and the golf club itself. Another reason why golf shoes are so great is because they keep your feet warm and secure no matter how wet it is on the outside. Yes, these shoes are water proof in order to provide you with extra protection and comfort.

Having the right pair of shoes for golf is the same as having the right set of clubs or using the right kind of balls. This is why you should take the process of choosing your shoes very seriously. I had a friend who once wore poor quality golf shoes during a tournament. He was hitting his ball while balancing on a downward slope when he slipped all of a sudden.

And that was the shot that cost him the championship trophy. Don’t make the same mistake! Buy yourself a pair of good quality golf shoes today.

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    07. Oct, 2009

    oh man lost because of his shoes BAD LUCK haha

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