Basic Golf Etiquette

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We all know golf is a gentleman’s game. At least most of us who have been around the game for any time know this. Problem is, a lot of Sunday warriors don’t give much thought to this and don’t even follow the simplest of golf etiquette practices.

To avid golfers, this is pretty frustrating and viewed as plain rude. It doesn’t matter if it is a public or private golf course. Basic golf etiquette is just that “GOLF” etiquette. It applies to any golf course and any golfer.

Can I get a golf clap please? There’s a reason there is a specific way to clap on a golf course. You clap quietly, no yelling, shouting or cheering (ok, ignore the PGA tour. We’re talking about you and you group on a Sunday afternoon at the local golf course). Ok, here is a small list of do’s and don’ts.

  • Do follow the golf course’s dress code
  • Do show up to the tee box a little early for your tee time
  • Do follow the golf course’s golf cart rules (don’t drive on the greens or in the sand traps)
  • Do take your own set of golf clubs to the golf course. Do not share clubs on the course
  • Do be ready to play when it is your turn
  • Do play ‘ready golf’
  • Do let faster players or groups play thorough
  • Do play by the rules
  • Do keep your golf round to 4 hours or less
  • Do yell “four” when you believe there is the slightest chance of your golf ball hitting someone
  • Do not honk your car horn when you are in the parking lot (this means if your car honks when you lock the doors with your remote, lock them manually)
  • Do not yell over to your friends when you are in the parking lot (remember, when you arrive at the golf course, including the parking lot, follow golf etiquette)
  • Do not talk or walk behind others when they are hitting the golf ball
  • Do not hit into slower groups or golf players in front of you

These are some of the basic etiquette standards everyone is expected to follow on the golf course and even on the golf range. Have a great time, but never have your fun at someone else’s expense. It’s like being in a movie theatre. Everyone has paid to be there and enjoy themselves, so keep that in mind.

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  1. flister

    07. Oct, 2009

    Play through, not thorough…

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