3 Golf Tips to Improve Your Chipping

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Many golfers fail to realize that the vast majority of their shots occur within the context of the short game. Chipping often proves to be the nemesis of many golfers causing many agonizing bogeys or worse. The following are a few simple golf tips to improve your chipping. Use of them can both lower your score as well as avoid the frustration felt after a poor chip vitiates a perfect drive.

The primary golf tip to improve your chipping relates to your weight distribution. Many golfers make the critical mistake of maintaining the balance of their weight on their back foot. This posture seriously detracts from an effective follow through within your swing. Take some time to practice some chipping being watchful of how your weight is distributed. Make sure that just over half your total body weight is allocated to your front foot.

The next golf tip which will serve to ameliorate a poor chipping game is to lower your grip on the club when attempting to chip out of the sand. Playing balls out of sand traps is the most agonizing part of the game for most players. An effective sand game requires much work and cannot be achieved without significant practice. However, this most simple of golf tips can serve as an effective first step. Gripping the club too high when using your sand wedge is the number one reason for the notorious two inch chip landing right back in the sand.

The final golf tip to improve your chipping is to focus. Many golfers are still frustrated after a poor approach shot and immediately embark upon their chip being overly anxious to finally get on the green. This often proves to be their undoing. The simplest of golf tips which can improve all facets of your game is to concentrate, relax and enjoy the game.

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  1. TomT

    07. Oct, 2009

    God I’ve done that 2-inch chip thing so many timies… heartbreaking

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